Best Hiking Trails in the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest, a region known for its stunning natural beauty, offers some of the best hiking trails in the United States.

The Enchantments in the Cascade Range offers a challenging hike with stunning alpine lakes, breathtaking mountain views, and abundant wildlife.

1. The Enchantments, Washington

The Mount Hood Loop offers hikers a chance to circumnavigate Oregon’s highest peak. This trail provides a mix of old-growth forests, alpine meadows, and glacial rivers.

2. Mount Hood Loop, Oregon

Olympic National Park is a diverse gem with over 600 miles of trails. The Hoh River Trail takes you through one of the largest temperate rainforests in the U.S

3. Olympic National Park, Washington

The Eagle Creek Trail, famed for its stunning waterfalls like the iconic Punch Bowl Falls, winds through a narrow gorge, offering breathtaking views at every turn.

4. Eagle Creek Trail, Oregon

Cascade Pass and Sahale Arm offer some of the most breathtaking alpine scenery in the Pacific Northwest.

5. Cascade Pass and Sahale Arm, Washington

This loop trail is one of the most scenic in the Columbia River Gorge, featuring the iconic Multnomah Falls, the tallest waterfall in Oregon.

6. Multnomah-Wahkeena Loop, Oregon

Cape Flattery Trail offers stunning views of rugged coastline, sea stacks, and the Pacific Ocean on a brief, easy hike.

7. Cape Flattery Trail, Washington

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