Best picnic spots near Chandigarh for a day out

Chandigarh, the city beautiful, is not only known for its well-planned architecture and urban design but also for its proximity to several picturesque picnic spots.

Sukhna Lake, located in the heart of Chandigarh, is an ideal spot for a leisurely picnic. This man-made reservoir offers a tranquil environment perfect for families and friends to relax and enjoy.

1. Sukhna Lake

Situated adjacent to Sukhna Lake, the Rock Garden is an artistic wonderland created by Nek Chand.

2. Rock Garden

Located about 20 kilometers from Chandigarh, Pinjore Gardens, also known as Yadavindra Gardens, is a historic Mughal garden.

3. Pinjore Gardens

For those seeking a bit of adventure and nature, Morni Hills, situated about 45 kilometers from Chandigarh, is an excellent choice.

4. Morni Hills

About 60 kilometers from Chandigarh, Kasauli is a charming hill station known for its colonial-era architecture and lush greenery, making it perfect for a day trip.

5. Kasauli

Located around 17 kilometers from Chandigarh, Chhatbir Zoo, also known as Mahendra Chaudhary Zoological Park, is a great spot for a family picnic.

6. Chhatbir Zoo

About 35 kilometers from Chandigarh, Timber Trail in Parwanoo offers a unique and thrilling experience.

7. Timber Trail, Parwanoo

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