Best Trekking Places in Himachal Pradesh for Beginners

Himachal Pradesh, a northern Indian state in the Himalayas, is renowned for its stunning landscapes, serene valleys, lush forests, and snow-capped peaks.

1. Triund Trek

Triund, near McLeod Ganj in Himachal Pradesh, is a popular trek for beginners. It offers scenic beauty and adventure, making it ideal for first-timers.

2. Kheerganga Trek

Kheerganga in Parvati Valley is an excellent beginner's trek, leading to a meadow with panoramic Himalayan views and famous natural hot springs.

3. Prashar Lake Trek

Prashar Lake Trek is a hidden gem in Himachal Pradesh, offering a serene and less crowded experience.

4. Kareri Lake Trek

Kareri Lake Trek is an offbeat trail that takes you through lush forests, scenic meadows, and quaint villages, culminating at the pristine Kareri Lake.

5. Beas Kund Trek

Beas Kund Trek in Kullu Valley is a classic trek of historical and mythological significance, leading to the source of the Beas River amidst towering peaks.

6. Chandrakhani Pass Trek

The Chandrakhani Pass Trek is a delightful trek that offers stunning views of the Deo Tibba and Parbati ranges.

7. Hampta Pass Trek

The Hampta Pass Trek in Himachal Pradesh connects the lush Kullu valleys to the stark landscape of Lahaul, offering a dramatic and beautiful contrast in scenery.

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